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And not to mention

despite pretension

You are infinitely interesting to me

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"For fifty years, you were my favorite poem and I’d read you every night knowing I might never understand every word but that’s okay – ‘cause the lines of you were the closest thing to holy I’d ever heard."

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You blurred around the edges

the way the sun in its golden hours

obscures the corners of skyscrapers,

only leaving their soul-bearing windows.

It’s easy to love in the dark,

but I’ve always found you

much more pure in the sun’s harshest

hours, when it obliterates steel

beams and reflects what’s standing there

right in front of you

straight into your naked eyes.

In that moment, I swear I

saw your heart clear enough

to count your beats per minute

without the aid of my hand on yours.

Someone could spend a lifetime

feeling along your walls in the dark,

but to spend one afternoon,

fighting the sun to peer through your windows,

you can catch a glimpse of the

whole world.

Love is blind because its impossible to

stop looking at how beautiful you are,

left bare in the light.

"To wake next to you in the morning
And good morning to you.
How do you do?
Hey, good morning to you
More covers for you.
Sleep soundly dear cause i have to go”

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"My father
was a storm
my mother,
the rain.

I was born
from fire
but I inherited
the sea."

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A most beautiful space ~ St. Petersburg art studio of Arkhip Kuinji, a 19th century Georgian artist.  Who wouldn’t be inspired with this kind of natural light?

*Photographer Pieter Estersohn

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"I heard you; now I can’t stop listening."

T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)

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Add a kayak, and that’s my dream home.


Add a kayak, and that’s my dream home.

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